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Total MMA Studios has a diverse offering of classes for all age and skill levels.

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Total MMA Blog / April 28, 2016

GETDOWN FIGHTS 21 – MAY 15th at the Yost

Total MMA Blog / July 16, 2015


A Special thank you to Muay Thai fighter, Billy, who has over 300 fights under his belt and  MMA World Champion Cris Cyborg  for training with us this morning to improve her Muay Thai game!

Training Classes

    • Wrestling

      Clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins
      Wresting is a combat sport that involves a variety of grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, throws, takedowns and learning how to gain control of your opponent while on the ground. In this class the participant will learn to utilize these techniques constant drilling and controlled live sparring sessions.
    • Cardio Kickboxing

      Conditioning / Cardio Kickboxing
      Proven to not only burn a large number of calories, our cardio kickboxing class increases flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance while you learn practical self-defense skills using your hands and feet. These classes include a blend of intense calisthenics style exercises and kickboxing techniques that will help develop your coordination and timing while our coaches motivate you to reach your fitness goals!
    • Muay Thai

      Clinch fighting, striking
      Often referred to as the science of eight limbs, Muay Thai is one of the most powerful striking martial arts ever created as students are taught to use the hands, feet, knees and elbows as weapons. Our gym offers a great program for this dynamic martial art that not only teaches the use of all eight weapons but also the application of these skills through the use of bag work, focus mitts, and sparring.
    • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

      GI and NoGI Classes
      Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that stresses the importance of ground fighting for self defense as well as being a martial sport. Its response to any attacks whether standing or on the ground is what has made it such a popular art! Students are taught how to control and subdue any attacker using movement, joint locks and chokeholds. In our classes you will learn both the gi and nogi applications to the art.
    • MMA

      Mixed Martial Arts
      Mixed Martial Arts is a full contact combat sport evolving from the style vs. style martial arts tournaments that was popular in the late twentieth century. Students learn to combine techniques from MMA’s most popular styles, such as Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, Muay Thai, and boxing. In this class you will not only learn the fundamentals of each style but also learn how to transition and implement these techniques in any combative situation.
    • Children’s Martial Arts

      Children's Kickboxing and grappling program
      Children’s Martial Arts
      Here at Total MMA Studios, we are committed to creating a program that not only teaches kids the technical aspects of a variety of martial arts but also high moral standards that become lifelong character traits, such as self-discipline, work ethics, and respect. In these classes they will learn how to strike and grapple correctly as the classes are structured to help build the child’s coordination, balance, muscle memory and flexibility.