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  • 31MAR

    A quick one on one with BTT Orange County member Jim Colleran

    TTMMA: So Jim for our members can you tell us about yourself? Colleran: Sure. I grew up in a number of places back East, Pittsburg was one of them then it was Boston. When I was young I was a competitive power lifter, I also boxed then I just lifted weights until my thirties and

  • 30MAR

    BTT Orange County visits BTT Long Beach

    It was a great night of rolling at the BTT Long Beach location as both teams began their cross training schedule tonight. On the mat was a variety of purples, blues and white belts eager to share ideas and strategies with their follow teammates and with the Mundials just around the corner both teams with

  • 29MAR

    Caxcudo World Cup

    Last sunday the Massachusetts BJJ Federation organized the first Caxcudo Gi World Cup. The tournament was held at Milford High School / MA and competitors from all over New England competed. Brazilian Top Team Boston Competition Team did a great job finishing in second overall with a lot of gold medals. Already recognized by the

  • 27MAR

    Brett Collins promoted to brown belt!!!

    After an impressive showing Saturday both Professor Adriano and Professor Juliano surprised the BTT purple belt by promoting him to brown belt after winning his division. The whole family here at TotalMMA Studios would like to congratulate Brett on the win and his recent promotion, both were well deserved

  • 27MAR

    Brazilian Top Team 2011 Pam Ams results

    Official results: Marcelo Salazar – 1st place Brett Collins – 1st place Tom Vadakan – 1st place Omar Sabha – 2nd place John Petri – 3rd place, also placed 3rd in open weight class BTT would not only like to congratulate those who took home medals this weekend but also would like to say thank

  • 25MAR

    BTT Orange County welcomes visitors for upcoming Pan Ams

    TTMMA: We are here with BJJ black belt and Brazilian native Christian kanakamanishi, so Christian what brings you here to California? Can you tell us about yourself? Christian: I was born in Brazil; I am Brazilian and half Japanese. I started training jiu-jitsu in Japan in 1997 with Takanasa Wakanabi, a black belt under Rickson

  • 24MAR

    BTT interviews Mashiro Goto

    Mashiro Goto was born at the same city as Mitsuyo Maeda (Conde Koma), the great japanese fighter who taught Carlos Gracie. Goto went to Brazil in 2002 to train jiu jitsu at Brazilian Top Team, stayed for months and made immediate connection with brazilian people and culture. Used to face adversities in life, he is

  • 22MAR

    BTT Orange County prepared for this weekend’s pan ams

    After weeks of hard work the team is looking prepared for this weekend’s tournament as those who entered look focused and ready to try and take home metals in their own weight categories. These last 2 weeks have been hell for many of them as the coaches turned up the intensity, pushing them to new

  • 22MAR

    TotalMMA Studios Cardio Kickboxing class a huge success

    As we continue to grow as a gym we are starting to see more and more of our members starting to meet their fitness goals as we watch their technique and conditioning improve with every class. An example of this is our Saturday morning Cardio Kickboxing class, when you watch this class you immediately can

  • 20MAR

    Rousimar Palhares interview @ TotalMMA Studios