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  • 08JUN

    BTT member Melissa Davis featured on Jiujituer combat sports blog!!!

    While getting her PhD in Neuroscience Melissa still tried to train 7 days a week but that’s not all. She sometimes trained twice a day. In addition to that Melissa helped to start the Women’s Grappling Network on Facebook which now has over 750 members. It’s great to see active women like Melissa making an effort to share and spread the sport that we love. That’s why we were more than happy to out fit Melissa with a brand new free gi. Check out the picture of her in her new competition BJJ Religion Gi.

    Melissa couldn’t be where she is today without the help of her professors and team at Total MMA. She was very happy to share with us the great instruction she gets from Adriano Nasal, Juliano Prado, Fernando Travessoni, and all the other great people at the academy. Thank you for representing jiu-jitsu, Total MMA, BJJ Religion, and BJJ Sports so well. Congratulations on finishing your PhD program Dr. Davis, you are one impressive Jiu Jitsuer!

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