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    GetDown XIV will host the Official Southern California State Championship for Amateur MMA


    Tustin, Calif.- On September 13th, GetDown XIV in association with California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization, Inc. (“CAMO”) will host the Official Southern California State Championship for Amateur MMA. This will be a remarkable night for amateur MMA fighters as the best teams of South California will be represented by their best ranked amateur fighters. The finalists have passed through three previous rounds of the tournament and will fight it out at the Yost theater in Santa Ana, CA. The fighters in each division have been selected according by state rank for this exclusive invitation-only tournament and represents the best amateur MMA in southern California.

    “Making it to the CAMO State Championship Tournament is a tremendous accomplishment,” said J.T. Steele, president of CAMO. “A tournament is a very difficult challenge for any combative athlete. Tournaments are extremely unpredictable and challenge the mind and bodies of even the toughest competitors.”

    Undercard bouts:

    135 pounds:
    Lisa Mauldin (1-0-0-0) Team Oyama vs. Paola Ramirez (2-0-0-0) Coastal Combat.
    170 pounds:
    Christopher Giddens (1-0-0) Risky Fitness vs Quinten Harris (1-1-0) Team Body Shop.
    “Get Down Fights” 125 pounds Belt:
    Michael Perez (3-2-0-0) Total MMA/BTT OC vs. Carl Rollins (3-0-0-0-0) Fight Strong

    California State semi-finals bouts:

    125 pounds:
    Juan Carlos Garcia (3-1-0-0) Quest vs. Henreich Wassmer (4-3-0-0) Fight Academy
    Pasadena/Strikers Inc/ 10th Planet
    135 pounds:
    Edgar Gonzalez (5-2-0-0) Total MMA/BTT OC vs. Albert Morales (4-0-0-0) System
    Training Center/ CAIQUE Jiu Jitsu
    145 pounds:
    Jacob Rosales (6-0-0-0) Combat Submission Wrestling vs. Edgar Duron (6-2-0-0) USSD
    MMA San Clemente
    155 pounds:
    Javier Garcia (7-2-0-0) CSW vs. Tim Quiroga (6-2-0-0) Team Quest
    170 pounds:
    Shohei Yamamoto (4-1-0-0) CSW vs. Matthew Arriola (5-0-0-0) Adrenaline
    185 pounds:
    Michael Santos Perez (7-4-0) Knuckleheadz vs Jordan Taylor (3-2-0) Team Quest.
    215 Pounds:
    Dominick Reyes (5-0-0-0) Cage Combat Academy/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu vs. Tyler Smith (5-2-0-
    0) Classic Fight Team/Costa Mesa Training Center

    * Card Subject to Change

    Tickets are available through Yost Theater by calling (888) 862-9573 or by following this link: Prices will vary: $30.00 for Balcony Seating, $45.00 Floor Seating, and $100.00 First Two Rows. The doors open at 5:00 pm, and the fights begin at 6:00 pm.

    If you would like to sponsor this event please contact Juliano Prado or Adriano Nasal for more details and further assistance at

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