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  • 26JAN

    Humility in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (!

    “Jiu-jitsu” translates from the Japanese as “the gentle art.” The idea here is that practitioners can execute moves realistically and at full speed without having to worry they will injure their partner. If caught in a submission, all the partner need do is tap the submitter’s body to signify capitulation, and the submitter will release the submission.

    However, if the submitter is going to be able to release the submission at the right time, before damage is done, the person in the submission must do his/her part. S/he must be humble, laying his/her ego aside and acknowledging being bested. Particularly for those of us who started BJJ after having achieved some measure of professional and personal success in other domains, it can be difficult to concede that someone has outperformed you. If you stay with grappling for any length of time, however, it will happen again and again. You’ll have to repeatedly acknowledge – and embrace – defeat…

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