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Rachel – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

First let me start by saying, “I have never worked so hard in my life.” And I love it! Total MMA has given me a new challenge and new goals to work towards. They emphasize respect, dedication, discipline, hard work. Training with Bryce has not only humbled me, but has given me the desire to excel, to want to be better and to ultimately reach my goals. The best decision I made was to start training at Total MMA. Not only have toned up, but I’ve already gained a wealth of knowledge in technique; Proper form in the two months I’ve been here!

Thank you Total MMA for the new challenge that has changed my life both inside the gym and outside the gym!


Aleeza – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

I get more exercise from the gym. I get muscles by it. The coaches are awesome. They have good classes, also it’s awesome because it has a Kick Boxing room and a jiu jitsu room. I live this gym.


Nyah Kinsey – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

I love Total MMA Studios because they give you power and push you to help you learn how to fight. P.S. Bryce especially push you around he’s hard core even on me.

Nyah Kinsey

Jeff Dart – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

Total MMA has made a major impact on every member of my family. Thank you for pushing me past my mental barriers and preparing me for competitions!

Jeff Dart

Julia Popick – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

This place is the best place to work out. It’s an active social environment. I love the family feel and the welcoming people!
Thank you Total MMA! Love you.

Julia Popick

Alyssa Sanchez – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

I love this gym!
The trainers are amazing! I love that they let me work out on my own if I want to. This gym is so well organized. Everybody is so professional. I love the girls at the desk.

Alyssa Sanchez

Remus Lucaciy – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

Great place, Great people, amazing workouts.
Total MMA has changed my life.

Remus Lucaciy

Johanna Rojas – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

Very motivational trainers; fast pace and very rewarding for a 40 minute workout. I love this place!

Johanna Rojas

Nick Hayes – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

Great trainers. Lots of schedule options. If you are looking for an awesome work out, come here! You won’t be disappointed.

Nick Hayes

Chris Smith – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

Total MMA has not only allowed me to get into the best shape of my life, but more importantly, given me the confidence to defend myself and my family. That confidence spills into all other areas of my life, personal and professional.

Chris Smith

Theresa Cromley – Total MMA Studios Testimonial

My 1 ½ year experience at Total MMA Studios has been nothing but enjoyable. Advancing from cardio kick boxing into Bryce Krause Muay Thai class has been an awesome journey and my fitness level has never been this good. Thank you Total MMA!

Theresa Cromley

Shahzad Zakir – Total MMA Studios Member

I have been a member since the beginning of Total MMA Studios. A huge part of me continuing my membership is the great trainers here. They are all very friendly and helpful, and provide an amazing workout routine. I highly recommend this gym to everyone.

Shahzad Zakir

Luis Quinonez – Total MMA Studios member

Coach is very helpful and gives great advice. Satisfied with all programs I have experienced.

Luis Quinonez

John Petrie – Weight Loss Success!

John P Before and After

“You know coming in it was the initial workouts, the cardio and getting my heart rate up. Then it became the lifestyle actually with Juliano, Adriano and Magno, these guys teach a lifestyle that goes along with the Jiu-jitsu. So my eating changed, my habits changed, I do less partying and less junk food because if I am going to train they teach us to fill our body correctly while training. So I fell it’s been a lifestyle change for me and Jiu-jitsu has been the key to it.”

-John Petrie – Total MMA Studios member since 2009

Beto Martinez, Total MMA Studios member – Over 100lbs lost!

Beto M. Before and After

“How I lost it was just by coming into the gym and rolling and doing jiu-jitsu that really helped me a lot. Then after awhile I started to change my diet and that helped even more. So overall it was just dieting and coming into TotalMMA to take the wrestling and jiu-jitsu classes and just lifting weights.”

-Beto Martinez – Total MMA Studios member since 2010

Alyssa Lemus – Total MMA Studios member

A Lemas

“One of the biggest things that Total MMA Studios has offered me is first of all getting your cardio in without it being boring! That is one the major things because honestly I know people go running and do the elliptical and stair master all day long but there’s no better workout then a kickboxing or jiu-jitsu type of workout. The workout is a fast cardio and it slows down so it’s like interval training without it really trying to be!”

-Alyssa Lemas – Fitness Competitor, Total MMA Studios member since 2010