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    WESTMINSTER, CA – Jake Jorgensen (9) and Delainey Jorgensen (7) both took first place at the2014 Nanka Spring Judo Tournament over the weekend, in which more than 600 kids competed.


    Jake and Delainey have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) at Total MMA Studios for over three years, which they use to compete in judo tournaments.
    Jake and Delainey started at a traditional judo club in 2008 with a 1992 US Olympian as their coach, but left that club after a disappointing showing at the Junior Olympics in June 2010.
    In the late summer 2010, the kids tried a second judo club where the US World Team Coach and former Japanese World Team member teaches, but the same deficiencies with their mat work persisted.
    In early 2011, the kids started training BJJ at Total MMA Studios and to help their judo evolve.  One of the head instructors at Total MMA Studios, Juliano Prado, has black belts in both BJJ and Judo.  BJJ permits and uses all the same techniques that judo players use to take the fight to the ground, but is undeniably more effective on the mats.  In Judo, a contestant wins a match by either throwing an opponent to the ground from their feet, or by controlling and holding an opponent on his or her back for 20 seconds on the mat. 
    “Being the best fighter on your feet in judo is just not enough, anymore.  On average, about a quarter of the matches are won or lost on the mats, but traditional judo clubs spend only on a very small percentage of training time actually working on mat work,” said Jake and Delainey’s father.
    Coach Prado’s expertise in both sports made the transition for Jake and Delainey to training at Total MMA Studios seamless.  After a few months of training BJJ, the kids stopped going to the judo clubs, but continued competing at the judo tournaments.
    At the tournament over the weekend, Jake did not give up a single point, and won all of his matches in less than a minute.  Jake won half his matches with throws and won the other half by pinning his opponents. “The coaches at Total MMA Studios have really stepped up their judo.  When Jake is winning half his matches with pins, compared to where is mat work was win he first walked into Total MMA Studios three years ago, it is hard to deny that BJJ is one of the most effective way to train for judo competition,” their father added.
    Prior to converting to exclusively training at Total MMA Studios for judo tournaments, Jake and Delainey were trained by two Olympians and a Head US World Team Coach with limited success.  Since transitioning to Total MMA Studios, Jake and Delainey have both won silver medals at the Junior Olympics, and are favored to win gold medals at the upcoming Junior Olympics, which are to be held in Dallas in June 2014.

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